Gone to seed

It’s that time of year, if you have Bluebonnets in your front yard then you have enjoyed the color but now you have a raggel taggle mess if you plan on letting them go to seed. I was waiting until every last legume pod opened and dropped the little pebble like treasures into the soil but my wife found the twiggy tangle too much and after a couple of weeks decided she’d had enough. She assured me that 80% of the seeds had dropped and she collected some that had not from the mess she pulled from the bed.  As long as you let them go to seed, your yearly yield will increase exponentially. I’m already looking forward to next years showing. This years was tripple what we had last spring. I know who to blame if next spring is anything but spectacular.

  1. Moon Reece says:

    I feel like i just got in trouble! I think that the bluebonnets are just too sad looking once they have gone to seed. I like plants that look just as cool when they go to seed as they do in the spring. I think you should post some images of Inland Sea oats. I love the silver grey of the dangling seeds. Grasses can have such a nice feathery look when they go dormant.

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