Horsemint is the “balm”

One of my favorite wildflowers  in the Texas Hill Country has many names, Horsemint, Lemon Horsemint, and Lemon Beebalm.  The botanical name is Monarda Citriodora.  What I love about this bottlebrush of blooms is that it can range from violet, into pale indigo and on to almost white.  Look for them along the Texas highways and byways; see how many colors you can find.

I love flowers that provide a burst of color and these do provide a lovely shaft bristling with color.


Acording to the foraging Texan, Mark Vorderbruggen (Merriwether’s Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Texas and the Southwest)  the flowers and young leaves of the Horsemint plant add a “wonderful herbal/citrus flavor to tea” and this would make sense as the leaves smell like lemon if crushed.


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