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Signs of Fall

Today the temperatures are more bearable at 90.  This morning was in the 60’s and gave me hope for a possible change in the weather.  The rain last week gave new life to the flowers in the yard.  The squirrels and birds are enjoying the flowers, berries and seeds.  The bees, both the small agile and […]


Horsemint is the “balm”

One of my favorite wildflowers  in the Texas Hill Country has many names, Horsemint, Lemon Horsemint, and Lemon Beebalm.  The botanical name is Monarda Citriodora.  What I love about this bottlebrush of blooms is that it can range from violet, into pale indigo and on to almost white.  Look for them along the Texas highways […]


Gone to seed

It’s that time of year, if you have Bluebonnets in your front yard then you have enjoyed the color but now you have a raggel taggle mess if you plan on letting them go to seed. I was waiting until every last legume pod opened and dropped the little pebble like treasures into the soil […]


Brown-Eyed Susan

The plethora of yellow wild-flowers roll cheerily along the hill-country highways.  These Brown-Eyed Susans brighten the drive from Austin to Wimberley. Spectacular.  I always think it is interesting and fitting that the yellows always bloom in unison with the blue bonnets.  To me bluebonnets look purple and when you are learning about the colors in […]


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