Blooming Pineapple Guava

We have three Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana) along our back fence.  We planted them as an evergreen screen and are looking forward to the day they reach 15 feet in maturity.  They were 2.5 feet tall when we planted them three years ago, currently they are 6 feet. The growth is moderate but considerably faster […]


Rocks, Cedar Post, Cactus & an Oak

This Oak has grown through rocks, wrapped itself in a hug around a cedar post, and besides the wildlife, is also home to a prickly pear cactus.  I have to admire an oak as stubborn as the early settlers to the area.  Arid, and often dusty, the hill country in South West Texas where my […]


Sun Worshiping

In early January we went camping out at the family ranch in Junction, Texas.  The nights were cold and the days started brisk and clear and warmed to lovely. The kids saw a lumbering porcupine and twice they saw a young armadillo turning up soil by the water.  These cacti we saw looked to be […]


Pedernales Electric Cooperative Inc.(PEC) Johnson City,TX

PEC manages to create something that is irresistable every year.  It is almost imposible to drive by and not stop to walk around the wonder land created by millions of little white lights. This photo was taken the day after Thanksgiving and I was not the only one to have been enchanted.


Dwarf Flowering Quince

There is an interesting juxtaposition of new growth and riotous blooms sprawling across dry patchy yards and tangled with dry tumbleweed like plants that did not survive the drought. The blooms look all the more colorful on the backdrop of brittle straggling plant carcasses still standing in our neighborhood.  Before you pull these dry things […]


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