Pedernales Electric Cooperative Inc.(PEC) Johnson City,TX

PEC manages to create something that is irresistable every year.  It is almost imposible to drive by and not stop to walk around the wonder land created by millions of little white lights. This photo was taken the day after Thanksgiving and I was not the only one to have been enchanted.


Dwarf Flowering Quince

There is an interesting juxtaposition of new growth and riotous blooms sprawling across dry patchy yards and tangled with dry tumbleweed like plants that did not survive the drought. The blooms look all the more colorful on the backdrop of brittle straggling plant carcasses still standing in our neighborhood.  Before you pull these dry things […]


Licensed Landscape Architect in Texas and North Carolina

A little about me, I’m Daniel Frank Reece. I’m the owner and president of Terra Studios. I have 16 years experience in Landscape Architecture and am licensed in Texas and North Carolina. Terra Studios is located in Austin, Texas. You may feel free to contact us by phone: (512) 496-4989 or by email: State […]


Fall booms as Austin is kissed by cool breezes

Finally the temperatures drop below 100 and the flowers in our yard clamber for attention by bursting into bloom.  The valentines heart red Turk’s Cap, pail indigo Plumbago,  and pinkish red Cherry Sage are the first to start showing off this fall. Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata) is not native to Texas, but it is drought tolerant.  This summer has […]



This Summer in Austin we saw record breaking temperatures and a hazardous drought, leaving many without homes after fires swept the 5 counties in the area. Our hearts go out to them. Many people have also lost plants to the drought and watering restrictions. Now is a good time to take stock of what you […]


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