Workshops and Charrettes

Synergy – When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Leander TOD Charrette prepTerra Studios has extensive experience in collaborative design and planning sessions. In concert with the professionals and stakeholders, we can come up with a workable solution to your design over the course of several days and drafts. Starting with the prime points to your desired outcome, the basic planning principals can be adjusted, boundaries tested and ultimate solutions realized through the assistance of illustrative exhibits and conceptual drawings Whether you are a Private or Municipal entity endeavoring to include the community in land use planning or urban planning, Terra Studios is capable of enhancing the design and planning process. In the period of intense brainstorming and dialogue between professionals and community a design solution can be quickly generated. The planning and design solution is more easily embraced by the neighborhood or public due to their involvement and “ownership,” bringing people of diverse interests and talents together. Synergy.

Charrett or Workshop

Dan Reece has 16 year experience and has been a Licensed Landscape Architect for 12 years.
State of Texas Licensed Landscape Architect #1986 (1999-2011)
State of North Carolina Landscape Architect #1679 (2011-2011)
State of Texas Licensed Irrigator #0014223 (2005-2011)



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