Land Use Masterplan

Leander, TX TODPedestrian FriendlyTerra Studios has collaborated on teams who have  developed master plans for downtowns, neighborhoods, town squares, universities and healthcare centers.  We have managed  schedules, and managed projects for these fast-growing suburban growth  corridors throughout Texas.  Terra  Studios’ grasp of what makes a neighborhood sustainable while maintaining the  historic integrity of a community or creating a town center elevates the potential  for quality of life.  In unison with  economic development and a sensitivity to natural resources, Terra Studios enhances your Master Plan, be it Transit-Oriented developments (TOD), Downtown Redevelopment, Master Plans or Land Use.

Terra Studios’ Master Plans facilitate growth in mixed-use  pedestrian-friendly communities where neighborhoods include retail, pocket  parks, civic and educational spaces, and pedestrians can walk safely on sun  dappled sidewalks because streets are designed for both Texas sized trucks and  strolling people.

Dan Reece has 16 year experience and has been a Licensed Landscape Architect for 12 years.
State of Texas Licensed Landscape Architect #1986 (1999-2011)
State of North Carolina Landscape Architect #1679 (2011-2011)
State of Texas Licensed Irrigator #0014223 (2005-2011)
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