Planting and Hardscape Design

Hardsacape and Planting Plan

No matter the project, Terra Studios and President Dan Reece take pride in preservation of environment.

If it is a university that has stood for a century or an oak knoll that has stood for longer, Dan Reece will preserve the integrity of the place while reaching your objectives as our client.

Dan Reece has over 16 years of experience in Landscape Architecture.  He has designed Planting Plans and Hardscape Plans for Downtown Revitalization, Universities, Nationally Based Bank and Restaurant Chains and also personal retreats for Residential Clients. 

Terra Studios advocates native plant selections and low water turf whenever it is possible.  Our mission is to listen, understand, and interpret your overall desire to design an aesthetic, sustainable plan that not only preserves but enhances.

Dan Reece has 16 year experience and has been a Licensed Landscape Architect for 12 years.
State of Texas Licensed Landscape Architect #1986 (1999-2011)
State of North Carolina Landscape Architect #1679 (2011-2011)
State of Texas Licensed Irrigator #0014223 (2005-2011)



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