Site Planning

Site PlanSite Plan Tree PreservationTerra Studios will review and assess the environmental, historic, and socioeconomic issues, applicable codes and regulatory ordinances to plan the site while marrying client’s objectives to basic principles of environmental and economic sustainability.

A site may be as simple as a shopping center with parking spaces being of primary concern or a university needing a new satellite campus where pedestrian friendly shaded sidewalks take students from study to social seating areas and parking doesn’t take away from the aesthetic towers of higher learning.  No matter the Site, Terra Studios takes pride in a preservation of environment.  If it is a university that has stood a century or an oak knoll that has stood for twice as long, we aim to preserve the integrity of the place while reaching your objectives as our client.  Our familiarity with local codes and regulations, combined with solid working relationships with City, State, and County officials help shorten and smooth the design and approval processes. We listen carefully to all of your objectives and interpret them into appropriate graphic renderings and conceptual sketches to begin the design process.  Far more tangible are the visual aids in clear direction that broken phrases or philosophical ideas.  These renderings of concepts and the careful understanding of codes, restrictions, infrastructure requirements and the environment including the human side as well as the natural resources will insure a Site Plan that is economically sustainable.

Park Central

Dan Reece has 17 year experience and has been a Licensed Landscape Architect for 12 years.
State of Texas Licensed Landscape Architect #1986 (1999)
State of North Carolina Landscape Architect #1679 (2011)
State of Texas Licensed Irrigator #0014223 (2005-2011)


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